Unfinished Loneliness is a three day festival dedicated to the poet Sylvia Plath, celebrating her life and work. Sylvia Plath was a well known 20th century poet known for her contributions to the literature field. The style of the imagery evolved through process of creating things; it was inspired by the content that was made so that the visual/typographic components were more reflective of the elements of poetry. The imagery is mostly focused on nature, as that is a recurring theme in her poetry. It translates well for visual content, as things such as flowers and trees have multiple meaning pertaining to life/death, which further relate to her life. 
                                                              A promotional trailer advertising the festival, featuring a reading of an original poem by Sylvia Plath herself.
The Collaborative Interactive Poem App is an educational extension of the festival, explaining the history behind confessional poetry along with step by step instructions so that attendees can learn how to write their own. After doing so, they can contribute their own poetry to collectively make a "collaborative poem" made up of all the contributions by the attendees. Each day has a different prompt assigned in order to help guide the writing so that it is cohesive.
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