I am an industrious and observant graphic designer & illustrator that works at the intersection of print and web based media.  My empathetic nature inspires me to create work that invokes emotion out of my audience and challenges their perceptions. I enjoy working with both analog and digital methods, and try to meld the two to create unique and meaningful work. I like to explore how each medium’s differing and unique qualities can be utilized in a way that can’t be replicated such as honing in on the capabilities of animated elements and interactivity on the web, or pushing the three-dimensional and ephemeral qualities of print media.
I believe that graphic design is a powerful expression of the self. It can be a tool to create change through the education of radical ideas and mass communication. I am interested in creating work around social issues such as mental health and sustainability and strive to produce and conceptualize things that are environmentally conscious and utilize the recycling of resources, in order to help reduce our collective carbon footprint.
My cultural background and religion have additionally greatly influenced my perspective on life. The combination of these things have allowed me to develop a unique outlook that I bring to all the work that I do.
 I graduated from California College of the Arts with a BFA in Graphic Design with distinction in May 2018. Apart from graphic design I also love to paint and draw, and I try to employ this in my work whenever possible. It is my mission to continue learning more about the world and myself each day, and to leave a positive legacy of change.
Contact me at hi@gurleen.xyz 
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